Next Event: Barry Kirsch- Following Your Passions & Gaining Clients

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 6:30-8:00pm at Orange Studio 4 Rent, Orlando FL

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Come listen to photographer Barry Kirsch share his passionate story about his recent photography venture and how it has helped him meet thousands of new people and gain many new clients. He has received grants for the project, been recognized by organizations such as SNAP! Orlando, and is being featured in a documentary on PBS for this project.


Murder City is the home of photographer Barry Kirsch, a veteran photojournalist and commercial photographer with nearly four decades’ experience behind the lens. Barry says his early photojournalism days helped imbibe him with a deep love of story.

“I find that the smallest details are often what reveal the biggest and most intriguing facets of a story,” says Barry. “My work leverages those often-over-looked details to create stunning images that captivate viewers and beckon them to lean in and discover more.”

Barry’s signature style is anchored in: his mastery of unconventional lighting techniques; his use of uncommon angles and composition; and his artful ability to powerfully communicate complex feeling and mood with a single photographic image.

See the international debut of Barry’s largest creative venture to date: The Murder City Project, at Snap! Orlando, May 04-08, 2011.


Murder City Photography was founded in 2006 with the goal of creating striking images that break away from the played-out styling of conventional photography. Our images focus on compelling, unanticipated details and angles that conjure the essence of a feeling and hint at a deeper story. We leverage darkness as a means to cast subjects in a surprising light. We break the rules of composition to invoke an enticing sense of the world beyond the photograph in a way that captivates viewers and pulls them in visually and emotionally. Our photos register depth and convey raw, elegant authenticity.


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