Introducing New Associate Member:Curt Leimbach

...Japanese speaking, tech thinking, tool using, coffee chugging, anonymous, omnivorous, photo assistant.

When I first got into cameras, I was entirely focused on the scene through the viewfinder; now I find I really love production - scouting, logistics, telling people where to park. Ahh, the Power. I don’t have any awards, but I am honored to have worked with many great photographers, both big names and small. Call me a photo groupie, but you guys are my heroes. I love overcoming the daily technical challenges and knowing at the end of the day that the client is happy and that a shoot went well because a tool in my bag helped “save the day.”

I am currently enthralled by high speed photography and am working on a series of athletic stop motion.

more photo assistant information at these websites:
http://shootinflorida.com/assistants/wa … isleimbach
http://www.1procrew.com/1procrew/viewas … UserID=100


Introducing New Student Member: Denise Knox

Denise has been inspired by art from a very young age. Always artistic, she took every possible art class growing up. Upon entering high school she was introduced to photography and hasn’t looked back. After several years in the military and having a family, she has now been able to go back to school and work on her degree. Although still deeply influenced by the likes of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and the f/64 group, she has found her career choice in children and family photography. Being able to capture the pure innocence and uniqueness of children has pushed Denise into this fast paced and at times intensely stressful niche.

Denise continues to pursue her other interests including nature/landscape and fashion photography. She currently has landscape images on exhibit at the Gallery at Avalon Park in Orlando, Fl through the beginning of September.

Denise is set to finish her degree in 2012 with her sites on opening a boutique studio catering to maternity, newborn, children and family photography.



Introducing New Emerging Associate Member: Laura Barbero-Buffa

Laura Barbero-Buffa was born in the colorful city of Panama City, Panama, and now lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband Michael and their two dogs. She received her B.S. and M.S. in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and her M.B.A. from the Crummer School of Business at Rollins College. She is the co-founder, Editor in Chief, and photographer for WakeGirls, the leading website for women in wake sports. In addition, she is the co-founder of B Squared Media, a marketing media company that specializes in customized video and social media solutions for a wide range of clients. Her background is in action sports and lifestyle photography; however, she is looking forward to connecting with other ASMP members in order to expand her photographic horizons and diversify her portfolio.



Introducing New Student Member: Carrie Canova

Carrie Canova is a student photographer currently located in Orlando, FL. With the hopes of working internationally, she attended an art college in the United Kingdom for a year. After returning to the States Carrie obtained her associates degree in photography at the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies in Daytona Beach, FL. Currently she is finishing her bachelors at the University of Central Florida in Journalism and French.

It was a trip to El Salvador that changed Carrie’s perspective of photography and has influenced the direction she wishes take. She enjoys both the commercial and the documentary aspects of editorial photography. Carrie prefers to work with human subjects as a result of increased appreciation and compassion for people. She is very calm and blends easily into a variety of surroundings, which proves useful in a variety of shooting situations.

Carrie hopes to be an international correspondent or photography editor in the future, but knows that photography may lead her in an entirely different direction. Overall, her work will always be about people.



ASMPCF Member and Newest Board Member: Natalie Cisneros

I have a BFA in photography which I received from the University of Florida. I graduated in 2007 after which i worked for several fine art photographers ( Jerry Uelsmann/Maggie Taylor, Andrea Robbins/Max Becher). I currently work for a small creative agency on the space coast as their staff photographer and overall creative. I have been doing this pretty exclusively over the passed two years and now am looking to try and start branching out on my own!

I started to look toward the Orlando area for different events and groups I could participate in! Was able to find you guys as well as participate with the Snap! Orlando event.


Introducing Newest Student Member: Andy Bravo

I am originally from Sarajevo, Bosnia and came to St. Petersburg, Florida in ’96. My fascination with photography started early in life, when my father gifted me an old Zenit camera. Being able to capture a moment and later on see it appear on paper was quite mesmerizing. However, due to circumstances, I chose to pursue other interests until six years ago when I picked up the camera again and decided to finally pursue photography.

I completed the course in Professional Photography through New York Institute of Photography. Currently, while working full time, I am also attending St. Petersburg College and working towards the degree in Photography and am planning to attend University of Central Florida to receive the bachelors degree in photography. My plans are to complete the Associate degree from St. Pete College in 2012 and immediately continue with my studies at UCF.

My main interests are black and white artistic photography, fashion, commercial and architectural photography. I enjoy the process of creating, building the connection with subjects and telling a story. I feel that with every series of photographs I learn something new about myself as well as my subjects.



Introducing New Student Member: Leonardo Arbonies

The thoughts of being a photographer for Leonardo Arbonies didn’t start at an early age, but creativity did. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Connecticut Leonardo began painting and customizing cars in his late teens. Leonardo discovered his love of photography by accident when he found himself taking more interest in photographing the cars he restored. He humbly started with a disposable camera and a passion to bring style and emotion to his photographs.

Leonardo has a passion for all types of photography but Still/life and product photography is what brings him the most satisfaction. His inspirations come from the challenges of bringing an inanimate object to life, and his patience and commitment come through in his unique style of photography. Leonardo currently resides in Lakeland Florida with his wife and two sons. Leonardo received his A.S. Degree in Digital photography from International Academy of Design and Technology in 2011.